D.I.Y. Bridal. Beauty. Breakdown.

D.I.Y. Bridal. Beauty. Breakdown.

Well, to all you newly engaged ladies out there, Congrats!!! With a brand new start to the year many of you may be planning your special day, and the countdown has just begun! With all of you lovely ladies in mind I wanted to write all things beauty for you new brides. Tips and Tricks for you DIY Brides who are doing most of everything on your own. Hope you find these little tips useful, but above all try to enjoy this wonderful “Engaged” moment and breathe as always.


  1. Skincare is the best makeup you can never wear! With a carefully taken care of base, anything you do on top with makeup will be easier and less intimidating. Find out as soon as you can what kind of skin type you have. Whether it’s problematic with acne, oily skin/oily t-zone, or dry flaky skin. Perhaps you suffer with psoriases, eczema, or rosacea. Or you may have scars, or hyperpigmentation. If you are not sure, book an appointment with a dermatologist to find out what you are dealing with. Once you know what you are working with, you’ll better be able to treat it with love and patience. Great skin doesn’t happen over night. So don’t start this process a week before your wedding. If you can, start at the very beginning of your engagement. This allows for optimal skin cell turnover allowing you to see beautiful results well before your wedding day. I highly suggest looking into natural oils and products for cleansing and moisturizing your skin. Research has proven the incredible effects of using oils such as Rosehip, Coconut, Vitamin E, and more. Aloe Vera can drastically lessen redness and soothe inflamed skin. Oil cleansing is incredible for oily skin, as well as dry and problematic skin. Take some time to do research and you’ll be astounded by what you can achieve using simple and natural products.

  2. If your going to be doing your own hair and makeup here are a few suggestions: Try to find some photos of inspiration to make it easier for you to know exactly what kind of “look” your trying to achieve. Pinterest is awesome to find close up shots of hair and makeup. But remember, all too often we see pictures of models and celebrities and begin to feel frustrated and start to tear ourselves down because we don’t look as “perfect” as they do. I face this often with brides. They forget to realize these pictures may be photoshopped or altered, also they fail to find inspiration of women with hair and features somewhat similar to their own. For example, if you have stick straight hair that cannot hold curl perhaps donning a ringlet undo isn’t for you. Or maybe you have curly hair but long for beach waves, and are having a destination wedding by the ocean. Curly hair + humidity = MORE CURLS. So a blowout just won’t stay for us curly girls. Or maybe you have hooded eyelids and are wanting a cut crease with a winged eyeliner look. Sorry but this look will nearly impossible to achieve. Instead of becoming downhearted about what you maybe cannot replicate, find your own gorgeous features and showcase those. Ask your best friend what is her favourite feature on you, this can help you see yourself with new eyes. Most brides want to look like themselves just a bit more “amped up”. How do you achieve this? With a few basics you can achieve a natural look that enhances everything you’ve got.

    - Foundation/Powder: Choose the correct shade and coverage of foundation you need. Apply with a brush or sponge. Powder can either be translucent for minimizing shine and oiliness or can be coloured for extra coverage.

    - Concealer: You’ll need two different colours. One that matches your skin tone and another that is two shades lighter. The lighter concealer will be placed under your eyes for a soft highlight effect. If you deal with purple under eye discolouration, choosing an orange shade can help counteract this. By placing a thing layer of this first and then the lighter concealer over top you will be able to cover this perfectly.

    - Bronzer/Contour: Whether you want a beautiful bronze glow or a soft contour use a big fluffy brush and dust this in a backwards number 3 starting from forehead down to cheekbones and under your jawline. If you're wanting to achieve a more bronzed effect softly dust this over the bridge of your nose as well.

    - Eyeliner: Any eye colour looks amazing when using a dark brown liner or shadow right at the lash line. If you have deeper eye colours such as dark brown you can get away with black. Just remember, black can create a much more dramatic effect so beware my fair skin ladies.

    - Eyeshadow: This is not entirely necessary, however if you are choosing to be quite natural you can still sweep a soft shadow the colour of your skin tone all over the lid to minimize any redness or veins. If you would like a soft wash to open your eyes a bit more, try choosing a colour a few shades darker than your skin tone just in your crease.

    - Lipstick/Gloss: This is a fun step because you can choose whatever you are used to wearing or whatever look your wanting to achieve. Whether it be 50s siren with flaming red lips, boho beautiful with nude, or natural bride with a soft rose. Things to keep in mind: If your wanting long lasting you may find greater success with a liquid lipstick or stain. If you tend to have dryer lips that crack and flake, avoid this. Instead opt for a creamy lipstick that you can simply reapply during the day. Gloss gives the illusion of a fuller pout so if that is something your longing for, simply dotting a bit in the middle of your pout can achieve this look beautifully. Lipliner works great for enlarging your lip shape ever so slightly, but also keep in mind, it can be very obvious if not done softly. Whatever you choose bring this little gal with you on your wedding day, you’ll need this for touching up after smooching, and eating!

  3. Physical Health: Too many times I have seen brides dealing with dehydration and fatigue. Partying the night before, not drinking enough water, and not eating enough protein leads to the morning of her wedding day and she is all but ready. Please ladies, do not forget to drink TONS of water. No only does it combat dehydration and fatigue but it also proves to help with skin issues. And do not starve yourselves! The last thing you want is to look back on your wedding day and regret not remembering anything because you were so fatigued and had no energy to enjoy your day. Start with a healthy, high in protein breakfast and make sure to have snacks up until you walk down that aisle so you can be fully fuelled.

  4. Here are some of my favourite beauty products to use on brides regularly:

    * MAC Paint Pot

    * MAC Soft and Gentle Highlighter

    * Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer Pencil

    * Smashbox Primer

    * Tarte “Tartelette in Bloom” pallete.

    * NYX Liquid Lipstick

    * Too Faced Hangover Rx Setting Spray

Besos!! -



I've been 29 years old for only 7 months, yet these past 7 months have been possibly the most powerful age for self growth amid trials. I've never had a year go by without the good and the bad, but this year, at this age, it feels different than any other year. 


At 28 I decided to embrace my natural hair. That was a huge step for me. i went from once in a blue moon wearing my natural hair, to once in a while NOT wearing my natural hair. Maybe that was the first step toward self acceptance. Without going into depth, at 29 I also was hit hard with a skin condition that decided to take over my body and at times my face. As I write this, I am in the middle of yet another flare up. This year I have realized I will battle autoimmune issues. Yet despite the pain, the frustration and many tears, it has subtly given me the push to accept myself yet even more. When you experience health issues, whatever they may be, you see things in life much different, much more precise, and more in focus than ever before. Having "good days" actually mean something to me now. I never thought I'd experience that at only 29. Through the painful days when I just needed to get out of the house, it didn't matter if my face was covered in rash. I didn't care. Of course it affected my self esteem to an extent but it also showed me that beauty truly is skin deep. Who I am within is what will give me strength. Not the makeup I slather on that face. And so many many times, I have left the house with no makeup on, hair curly piled on top of my head and just so happy to have the strength to walk, to move. When I have "good days" I no longer want to cover myself in makeup, or create a perfect illusion of what I should look like. Those days are gone. I am actually more confident in mascara and chapstick than I ever was with 15 steps of makeup on me. 


When I was younger, "listening to my body" literally meant nothing to me. I would push myself to extremes never feelings its effects. I didn't really care about how fast, or how hard I pushed myself. I was young and full of dreams so it didn't matter. Man how that changed. It slowly creeped up on me at 26 and hit me quite hard shortly after marriage. It was as if my body finally said "enough is enough. stop." And so it has. It has hit me hard, and in not the best ways. With that said, now I do understand what this means. To truly listen to my body. Now I know when I feel tired, I need to sleep. When I feel agitated, I've probably pushed myself too hard. When I feel anxious, I may have not had the alone time I need. I may sound more "needy" than others, and that is okay. No-one knows what I feel better than me. No-one knows what I went through better than me. And no-one can take care of my body better than I can. What a wonderful feeling to feel. I do not care if I do not fit the mold of other healthy 29 year olds. For every 29 year old who is working full time and sleeping 5 hours a night, there are others fighting for their lives. I have now had to see the blessings in the smallest things I can do, and let go of the few things I cannot do any longer. I have also realized that my mind and body need me to give myself time to be creative. Whether it is playing guitar, writing, or dancing. My soul needs me to stop. And to let my mind, hands or body move. Even when I am in the midst of the worst pain, I need to remind myself to grab a pen at the least, and let my hand flow with doodles and drawings until I can feel the calm surge through my veins slowly. 


I could write an entire post about friendships, and maybe one day I will. What I will say is that I know better than most, the pain of losing friendships. I have seen my best friends choose to walk out of my life and never give me a reason why. From having them these girls in my life, at every moment for years, to never speaking to them again. The pain is real. It is deep. I truly do not believe those kind of scars will ever be removed. They are my battle wounds, and ones I now am not ashamed of. I am not ashamed of spending my time and energy creating friends, and creating bonds that became deep. The alternative is loneliness. It is not something I want. Even now.

the. truth. about. oil. cleansing.

the. truth. about. oil. cleansing.

Since I can remember, I've been bombarded with images of perfect skin both on TV and magazine. When your a young girl entering the teens, chances are your hormones begin introducing themselves quite rudely into your life, and make themselves little homes that we like to call pimples, whiteheads, and acne. And seeing these images of perfection thrown in your face, your bound to buy into whatever products promise clear skin, especially when modelled by flawless celebrities staring back at you. Thus began years of purchasing different cleansers, creams, gels, both high end and drugstore. But I never ever found something that actually made my skin completely clear and happy day after day.

Only until last year did I come across something called the "oil cleansing method". It sounded horrifying and ludicrous. Cleanse oily acne prone skin with more oil? I don't think so. But I was 28, and came to a point where I was sick and tired of buying one crappy product after another. Never mind the fact that most, if not all of these products are full of dangerous ingredients that I could never pronounce. I figured, how could ingredients I don't know how to read be okay for my skin to ingest? So began my introduction to oil cleansing.

I started with coconut oil. This did nothing. If anything it made my skin dry, and just "bleh" looking. So with further investigation via the ultimate source of wisdom, Pinterest, I decided to try a concoction of oils. I purchased castor oil, rosehip, and almond oil. I took a small dollop of each oil into the palm of my hand and massaged this onto my face. Then I would take warm water and massage it as well, and towel dry. Fast forward a week, and my face vividly looked different. It was unbelievable. Contrary to what I was afraid of happening, pimples getting larger and my oily skin getting oilier, the opposite happened. Less pimples, and less oil. What the heck.

It has been over a year that I have been solely cleansing my face with oils and I am NEVER returning to over the counter facial cleansers ever again. I feel like I've perfected my "oil cleansing method" now, and my concoction of choice is a mixture of avocado oil, rosehip oil, and jojoba oil. I wake up each and every morning with clear supple skin that looks so happy and dare I say, glow-y. 

For over 6 months I've been dealt a crappy hand of dealing with a terrible  face and body flare up of dermatitis that I have never in my life experienced. Yet during this flare up, even when I have unfortunately had it all over my face, it has managed to continue to clear up with this special oil cleansing method. And though I continue to deal with dermatitis on parts of my body, my face remains pristine and clear. I do not even wear a stitch of foundation. That has been the ultimate true test of the power that these natural oils have on even the most extreme cases of skin conditions.

I cannot encourage enough to all of you young girls, and women, to try this incredible skincare routine. There are so many different methods you can incorporate with oil cleansing such as steaming, creating your own perfect serum, and more. Not only does it clear and balance your skin, but it is safe and natural to use, which is so important when skin is your biggest organ. Instead of wasting your time and energy, and your hard earned dollars on high end cleansers, invest in a few of your favourite oils and you will begin to see the incredible transformation that your skin will take.


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I have been wanting to write about this topic for so long! It hits, obviously, so close to home and as you can imagine I've got quite a few opinions on it as well as some bad experiences.  Finding a makeup artist, especially for your wedding day is extremely important. Its not just about scrolling through Instagram and finding a so called "makeup artist".  Here's why.                    

Nowadays everyone on social media is a so called "professional" and has "years of experience". There is absolutely no shortage to the amount of accounts on Instagram and Facebook that claim to be hard working, educated and busy makeup artists. Though this may not ENTIRELY be true, there is need for caution.                                                                                                                        

Although there is nothing wrong with being a self taught makeup artist, there can be benefit to finding someone who not only is self taught but also has professional training behind them. Professional training requires understanding of working with several different face shapes, skin tones, ages, and most often, months of hands on practice in class. All of this beneficial when working with hundreds of distinct and unique brides.                                                                          

If you are looking for a makeup artist on social media, here are a few things to look our for and keep in mind:

  1. If the account is full of "follow me, I'll follow back" type of posts STAY AWAY. True artists are not going to waste their time begging for followers or following other accounts with those kind of post
  2. If they are posting pictures that are heavily filtered. There is no point in booking an artist who is filtering their work to the point where whatever they MIGHT have done makeup wise, has been altered with photoshop and filters. 
  3. Much like myself who not only owns their own business but also works for another company as a makeup artist, pay attention to what pictures they post and how they are featuring their own work. At times, they may choose to post a picture making it seem that they did the makeup on the bride/bridesmaid, etc. when in fact they did not. To make sure if their post is correct there is nothing holding you back from seeing their portfolio on the company's website. Though this may seem like an extra step, this could be the decision that could land you either a terrible or amazing makeup artist.
  4. Make sure their Instagram/Facebook account is filled with tons of pictures of clients they've worked on that way you can see their talent in action. Every artist has their own style or flare, through their pictures you can see if their style works for the look you want.
  5. I cannot recommend enough how important a makeup trial is before your wedding day. That trial allows you not only to see if you like the work they do, but also to see if your personalities work well together and if you enjoy their "vibe", or "aura". Make sure the makeup artist listens to what you say, and listens to the changes you request. A true makeup artist will take note of the exact products they used for your trial, when you see that you can trust they will not rely on their memory for your wedding day.
  6. A written contract is non questionable when booking an artist. No contract ,no guarantee they will even show up on your wedding day. 

For my wedding day I chose a makeup artist who was self taught, had no contract to sign, and ended up arriving over an hour and a half late on my actual wedding day with absolutely no apologies or reason for doing so. Her social media page was followed by thousands, was full of beautiful selfies and a some client pictures, and had pictures posted of all these PR packages from major makeup brands. I had thought that was enough. But it clearly wasn't. And because there was no contract, I couldn't say anything about her arriving an hour and a half late. I do not want ANY bride out there to experience this.

I hope these few suggestions and my own experience can help you to choose the best makeup artist for you! Feel free to send me any questions on anything else to look out for or any advice on finding the best makeup artist, hairstylist and more for your wedding day.




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This January I embarked on a journey I didn't plan on at all.  For years I had scrutinized my self worth and self esteem to a point where I was ashamed of who I truly was.  And I took that self loath onto my hair. 

Growing up as a first generation immigrant of parents from Chile, South America there were differences not only in my upbringing, my beliefs, but also in my physical attributes. I was born with tight curly dark hair just like my mother, my grandmother, my great grandmother and so on. These three women were my first definitions of beauty. I saw no flaws in their beauty, and still fail to see them to this day. However, I failed to see myself with such soft and loving eyes.  Instead I only saw myself through negative and dimly loved eyes. Fast forward to my early 20's I mastered the art of the blow out, and I conquered the temporary "retirement" of my curls.

Last winter I kept coming across positive images of women just like myself on Instagram, showcasing and embracing their beautiful curly hair. Slowly I began to reason within myself that maybe I should do the same. Though this didn't happen instantly, I'm so proud to say that January 1st, 2017 I decided to make a commitment to try to embrace my curls at least a few days in a row. That led to a few weeks in a row. Which led to a month, months in a row, and here I am, coming close to completing a full year "curl happy".  

Unless you have naturally curly hair, this revelation may sound overly dramatic or funny to you.  But to those of ethnic cultures, with hair textures and types that have not conformed to society's version of "beautiful" than you DO understand what I'm getting at. 

This process has truly CHANGED my life. Recently, I attended a friend's wedding. The battle to smooth my curls for this special event almost overtook me, but thankfully it didn't and I proudly wore my curls on full display the entire evening. Like I said, this may sound like nothing, but coming from a girl who has NEVER gone to a party, let alone, wedding without smoothing and blowing out my curls, this was huge for me. The freedom I felt being able to dance the night away without worrying about my blown out hair going curly, because it already was curled was so so liberating. Who cares if I sweat? 

What I've learned from this journey is that a) it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, b) less is more, and 3) it's feels good to be true to myself.  Instead of walking around trying to look like someone I'm not, I know I'm on full display all the time. I have nothing to hide, nothing is fake, nothing had to be changed or tweaked to look like something else. It really is a liberating feeling. 

If you are planning on returning to your natural curls here's a few tidbits I've learned along the way that work for me:

1) Try not to wash your hair everyday. I have found that my curls look way better with 2nd or 3rd day hair. Freshly washed hair can sometimes weigh down the curls.

2) Less is more. You may think that going back to curly hair is going to require this production of tools and products to give you frizz free curls all day. Not the case. I started off with light gel, on to a mousse, and now I only use a pea size amount of hair oil to the ends of my hair. I have found the less I fuss over my hair, the more happy and bouncy my curls are. 

3) When you've slept on your curls overnight, some curls may flatten, so to add curls back to just selected pieces I'll curl them with a 1 inch curling barrel. This adds back body to selected parts that need that revilement again.

4) With curly hair I truly believe in hair masks. Find what works for you and try to do a hair mask at least once a week. Personally, I love coconut oil massaged onto my hair, and I massage castor oil to my roots to encourage strength and growth. 

Overall, I truly want this blog to be a source of encouragement to any young girl, or older woman to embrace the natural state of your beauty.  This is truly a journey for all of us, and probably one that's long lasting, but as long as we continue to TRY it can only be an uphill journey worth travelling. 





The. Letter.

The. Letter.

This is a letter to my 12 year old self…


 I know what your thinking. And I remember what your feeling. School pictures are being taken today and for the first time it hits you. You don’t look like these girls. As they giggle, and flirt you realized something. Your nose is big. Your lips are big. Your eyes are big. Your hair is insanely curly. And you are coming close to a unibrow. Suddenly you noticed you don’t have breasts. You are literally nothing like these other girls. I remember the way your eyes burned with tears. All of a sudden the realization that you were ugly hit you. And that was it. Your innocence and self esteem decided to leave you that morning. You lost the most important friendship that morning, the one you had with yourself.

Ever since that day it became a battle for you. You never felt good enough. You never felt pretty enough. You never thought boys could ever look at you and find you pretty. You hated your face, your hair, your personality. Nothing came together the right way. Not the way it came together for those other girls. Why was it so easy for them? Why did they have the perfect straight hair, the beautiful blue eyes, perky noses, and perfect chest? Why did you have to look different? Why did your hair have to be so big? And why, oh why did you have to be so shy?

 Beautiful bella, you were more perfect that day than you ever knew. The sadness in your grade 7 picture that day is so painful to look at. Not because you were ugly, but because you thought you were. 

In a few years though you will begin to find your identity. You will find a genre of music that hits you so hard, it changes the way you feel about things. It will make you brave to wear clothes that make you stand out. Soon you will wear vintage dresses, baggy sweaters, and converse shoes. You will let your hair down and curly all the time. You’ll realize you love jewellery so much, you make your own. And you are going to continue to go through this process of growth, of expansion, and love for quite some time. 

It won’t be easy. In fact, to this day, you still suffer at times. Sometimes you will still look in the mirror and compare yourself to every other woman. Recognizing your beauty instantly will not always be so easy. But it will get easier.

You will travel the world, and reconnect yourself to your heritage. You will finally meet your family back home and realize you look just like them. You will find your people. Your roots. And suddenly that moment will help you see your nose, your lips, your eyes, and hair are exotic. Not as something that went wrong. You will be proud of the ethnicity that you once thought ruined your life.

There is nothing to change. You are quite literally perfect the way you are. 

One day you’ll fall in love. With yourself. You will love the way that you don’t look like the girl next door. Instead you look like someone else. Like you. You will grow. You will find your wings of confidence. You will know how to accentuate your features with the right makeup, and you will find your style that suits you perfectly. 

I promise you it will get better. Please don’t bully yourself. Don’t waste so much time comparing your unique beauty to others. If I could I would go back to that morning of grade 7 and look into your eyes and tell you all this. There was nothing wrong with your beauty, you just needed time to learn that yourself.

This letter is not just for my younger self, but it is dedicated to all the young girls, and grown women today. We are raised in this society to compare ourselves with each other, to put ourselves down and change who we are. We need to learn that who we are is exactly who we should be. That every single girl is absolutely stunning the way she is. There should be no image, no reference person for the perfect nose, the perfect lips, the perfect eyes or body. Perfection is what we feel inside. We may not always be able to see our beauty, and that’s okay. But we need to try. We need to raise our daughters, our nieces, or cousins, our friends with confidence. With knowledge of what true beauty entails. It is not makeup. It is not expensive clothes. It is not body or eating disorders. True beauty comes from within, which always, without fail glows outside. May this letter inspire all of us to take a moment to look at ourselves and compliment ourselves. Because we are strong, because we are smart, because we heal, because we inspire, and because we love ourselves.



All. The. Nudes.

All. The. Nudes.

To know me, is to know I am in love with, no, obsessed with, nudes. And no. Not those kind of nudes. I'm talking about nothing else other than Nude Lipsticks. Sure, red lipstick evokes glamour, pink lips scream fun and youthful, orange lips speak confidence, but Nude Lips, well that speaks an entirely other language. Nude Lips are the perfect embrace of naturalness, sexiness, and mystery, all into one. No matter what makeup look you are donning, from barely there lashes and nude lids, to dramatic winged eyeliner, to a full smokey eye, the Nude Lip will always be the perfect compliment. Nude lips is the one makeup look a free flowing bohemian to a glamorous Hollywood actress can own. 

My grandfather always had a love affair with the ever-stunning Italian actress Sophia Loren. Who couldn't? With her heavy winged eyes and Nude Lipstick, she was the epitome of a confident, sensual woman. Maybe that's what started my love affair with Nude Lips. Or maybe it was when I discovered my love for everything bohemian, and nude lipgloss, or lipstick was the easiest thing to wear. There was no thought process to it, but looking back it was the foundation of my now, everyday look. 

But the best thing about Nude Lips is the fact that you can wear it. She can wear it. We ALL can wear it. No matter what colour of the beautiful rainbow of skin colour you may be, you CAN not only wear, but completely fall in love with Nude Lips. Here are a few of my favourites that I've loved for years, or recently fell for. Hopefully I've convinced you to go In.The.Nude.


  1. Gerard Cosmetics in "Nude" -  First of all, if you haven't already you need to try Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks. The formula is absolutely incredible. Their moisturizing, buttery feeling, highly pigmented and long lasting. This nude has more of an orange hint to it, being incredible on more olive complexions. But even when I'm in the middle of a sunless winter, it still looks amazing against my pale-r skin. It's such an incredible colour, even my husband complimented me on it. 
  2. NARS in "Belle De Jour" - This is a true nude. Goes on like a sweet soft dream and looks incredibly sexy when topped with a lipgloss. NARS is one of my favourite brands because it is true luxury. This lipstick looks amazing with or without lipliner, which for a nude lipstick is a hard thing to pull off. It's the kind of nude that doesn't make you look dead, which is a major plus. If your wanting to feel like a sexy seductress or exude natural effortlessness, this is the shade for you.
  3. MAC in "Honey Love" - With pink/brown undertones, a matte finish, this lipstick is pure perfection. MAC is known for their cult products, and this is one of them. This shade is my "go to". When paired with MAC "Stripdown" liner, or topped with NARS "Turkish Delight" lipgloss, this is sexiness in a bullet. I would say more, but I can't. Go out and buy this immediately.
  4. Charlotte Tilbury in "Penelope Pink"- This lipstick shade was created for the every iconic Penelope Cruz. As soon as I saw this actually on hr lips for a movie event, I knew it had to be mine. If it's good enough for Penelope Cruz, it's good enough for me. Makeup Artist Charlotte Tilbury created a range of makeup products that border on almost too good to be true, and this lipstick shade truly is that. With a soft satin finish, it doesn't dry out your lips, but it is pigmented enough to actually notice. With a slight pink undertone it compliments so many skin tones. I can wear this with no makeup, or heavy makeup, and it looks beautiful. 
  5. Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color in "Almost Bare" - This is pure perfection. From my favourite makeup artist in the world, she created a range of lipsticks that are quickly becoming my own secret, not so secret, collection. This shade is as if every perfect nude lipstick you have ever loved, came together, and gave birth to this. When I swiped this gold casing lipstick on, I squealed. If I had to choose one lipstick to wear for the rest of my life it's this one. 



Shades. Of. Fall.

Shades. Of. Fall.

Fall has officially arrived here in Calgary. The once green and blossoming trees have now become exquisite shades of mustard, orange and brick red. Fall has to be my favourite season, aside from Summer. Taking walks and seeing all the colours come to life is so inspiring in so many areas. It makes me long for my cozy knit sweaters and hot cups of coffee, journalling by the fireplace with Jack Johnson humming in the back, and painting all day trying to mimic those exact colours I saw on those fallen leaves. 

Fall seems to also inspire the lipsticks I choose to wear. With the Summer season I love wearing bright orange, pink and every shade of lipgloss in between. But with the change of weather, the crisp air and the scarves and knits I'll be running to, I begin to lean to darker, almost "moodier" lip shades. Of course, I will always wear my infamous nude lip, but there's something about a deep burgundy and brown lip that looks amazing this time of year. 

With that said, I've compiled my own shades I cannot wait to swipe on this season. From a richer nude, to a deep brown, there's sure to be a colour you too would love to try this Fall. The wonderful thing is from higher end to drugstore products, nearly every brand will be sure to carry a colour you will love. Take a chance this Fall and try something new like those beautiful trees you see around you. It may surprise you how much you'll love this season of change.

The Shades: 

1) FLOWER Luxury Lip Color in "Berry Bloom"- This beautiful brand is created by the ever beautiful Bohemian queen Drew Barrymore, and it does not disappoint. Not only is the brand called FLOWER, which for myself, was enough to run to try her products, but it is sold in Wal-Mart for those wonderful drugstore prices we love. It makes it so easy to try a new colour we may not be used to. This lipstick glides on like a dream. It is so pigmented but so creamy, it completely excelled my expectations. This is the most beautiful, creamy, and moisturizing drugstore lipstick I've owned. The shade is a deep burgundy wine shade, with amazing pigmentation. It is a stunning satin finish that looks incredible on any skin colour. Please go purchase this shade right now. It will not disappoint!

2) Dolce & Gabbana in "Devil/ 220" - If you are looking for the perfect red lipstick in every sense, this is it. This has been my favourite red lipstick since the moment I bought it three years ago. It instantly makes me feel different. I am taken somewhere else from the moment I open this gold encased lipstick. It is the scent of my great grandmother's lipstick and italian countrysides mixed into one. This shade is pure perfection. An incredible red with a orange undertone, a satin finish and unbelievable pigmentation, it is in my opinion, worth every single dollar. Fall will always be the season for dark colours, but never forget the classic beauty of a red lipstick. Against a cream knit sweater, loose curls, and studded earrings, this lipstick is the perfect companion. Or for a night out on the town in a warm black dress with tights and booties, this lipstick will be the perfect finishing touch. I could write a whole blogpost on this lipstick, that is how much I love this beauty. 

3) MAC Lustre Lipstick in "Midi-Mauve" - I have a confession to make. I love Kim Kardashian's makeup. All. The. Time. I always try to find out what products she uses, because she never seems to look anything less than flawless, face wise. That is how I came across this lipstick. I saw a picture of her last year at NYFW with a tight bun, barely any makeup on except for this beautiful nude/rose lipstick. That shade "Midi-Mauve", by MAC, quickly became a best seller, and just as quickly landed in my lipstick obsessed hands. I've gone through 3 bullets of this exact colour already. It is this beautiful creamy mix of nude and rose into one. It can easily go with any look your after, from heavy eye makeup to no makeup at all. I love it so much, and it will for sure be on my lips this fall. It's simply a no brainer. If it's good enough for Kim Kardashian at NYFW, it's good enough for me. 

4) GERARD COSMETICS in "1995" - This is again, as most of the lipsticks I lean to, a creamy finish, slightly matte but easy to apply and high pigmentation. I don't like dry lips - who does? - and this lipstick does anything but dry out your lips. So creamy, so moisturizing, and so. much. colour. It is this beautiful brick rose, almost with a tint of brown lightly mixed in. It's stunning. I've seen it placed on skin tones from fair to chestnut brown, and it is absolutely beautiful. This is for the woman who doesn't want to wear a red lipstick during the day but loves the look of a deeper lip colour yet still natural. I found it. It's this one. Go get it. Now.       

5) Charlotte Tilbury in "Penelope Pink" - Yes, I know, I mentioned this in my first blog post, but ladies, it's that amazing. I'll be wearing it for Fall. Enough said. Read above. 

6) NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in "Teddy" and NYX Intense butter gloss in "Cinnamon Roll" - I recently purchased these two products and oh my, they are both like liquid butter. These colours are not for the reserved. They are true browns. We're talking 1990's brown lipstick but updated. I have never ever worn such a colour ever before in my life, but when I swiped these on my hands I knew I had to try it. The liquid lipstick is beautiful on it's own, but because I do love a creamier finish, I love to top it with the butter gloss. I think this would pair beautifully with smoked out liner and lashes, or just with mascara and slightly contoured cheeks. This is such a unique colour that would easily transition you from Fall to Winter to give you such a mysterious and classic spin on any outfit.


True. Beauty.

True. Beauty.

Makeup is powerful. Not only is it a multi-million business, it has transformed lives. It has given women and men self esteem in whatever form they may use it for. Makeup is simply life changing. But the thing with makeup is that it is temporary. It is a temporary moment of self esteem, it a temporary transformation, a temporary fix. Makeup cannot enhance your heart, your mind or your personality. Makeup may enhance your beauty, but it cannot do a single thing for you soul. I feel like our young girls and grown women are forgetting this. We spend so much time on creating perfection on the outside and not one moment is given to creating our own perfect inside. Is there a beauty product that can fix a bully, or an uncaring heart? Is there a lipstick that can take back condensing remarks and thoughtless words? Is there a mascara wand that can take back hurtful stares? There is not one.

Beauty can be given superficially to any face and body. But true beauty cannot be given. It can only be created. 

It has been nothing short of shocking, each time I compliment a woman on a physical trait she has, does she become completely surprised and baffled. She denies it, puts herself down, or simply cannot even hear it without her eyes becoming large and says "really?" Whenever I tell a teenage girl the beauty she may possess she has never even recognized it. Why? Why is it so hard for us to see the beauty we have on the outside? Because we must not be spending any time at all telling ourself how beautiful we are on the inside. If we took time to recognize and appreciate the amazing qualities we have on the inside, we will never see any kind of beauty radiate on the outside. 

Taking time to take care of ourselves, taking the time to become our best friend, to recognize our strong and beautiful qualities, and working on those that need improvement is the beginning of becoming truly beautiful. Read. Write. Sing. Dance. Learn balance. Keep balanced. Breath. Love others. Focus less on your outside self and more on your soul self. And always be self-less. Instead of taking another trip to Sephora, or watching yet another video or looking at another picture of a fully made up face, why not get to know who you are and what you dream of? Hopefully soon we can care less about how "perfect" we want to look, and care more about the heart we possess and the love we own and share to others. 



Let's. Talk. Skin.

Let's. Talk. Skin.

Although makeup has the ability to conceal imperfections, brighten skin, and provide an even skin tone, the real magic has to begin with your skincare regime.  Quite often I have clients who ask me to give them a perfected complexion with barely there makeup, which is honestly my favourite way to use makeup. Only use what is needed to provide the most natural and perfected finish. However, it is impossible to create a beautiful base on problematic skin that hasn't been taken care of, with the use of barely any makeup. Because I've noticed so many clients complaining about their own skin issues, it donned on me to do a blog post all about skin care. Without taking care of your skin, all that makeup can provide is coverage on top of the issues your skin may have. The ironic thing is though, since girls are wearing more and more makeup at such younger ages, instead of learning how to take care of their skin, they are simply piling on more and more makeup which leads to more and more skin issues. See the cycle? It's time to get truly, skin-deep.

Everyone has different skin textures, issues, and needs. It is important to take the time to learn what your skin really needs. The only way to do this is to take off that makeup girl and look at your skin up close! An easy way to tell what your skin may need is to splash your face with lukewarm water and notice what your skin feels like after a few minutes. Does it feel tight? Does it appear oily in some areas? Did redness appear? Or does it seem unaffected? Tight skin may be telling you, you need moisture. Oily areas is probably telling you just that, your dealing with combination type skin. Redness? Perhaps your sensitive and need to start finding more natural based products. 

Over the teenage years into my late twenties now, my relationship with my skin has been quite the process. I always believed in my teens that I was suffering from oily skin and acne, so to combat it I would purchase anything that said "anti-acne", "blemish fighting" and "mattifying". It only made my skin worse. The more I would try to clear my oily problematic skin, the more it would feel oily, tight, and dry. it was confusing and so annoying! Finally I've learned through tons of reading and research what works for my skin and what totally doesn't. Now I use oils on my skin (I know!) which amazingly combat the oiliness on my skin. I stick to only natural or organic ingredients, and have learned that less is truly more.

We're all different but I truly believe that the natural, and "less is more" approach can truly change your skins life. I personally do not believe in spending hundreds on skincare products from luxury brands because they are packed with chemicals and ingredients you can't even read. Instead of spending every month on makeup removers and pads, why not try coconut oil? Olive oil? Not only does it remove your makeup but it will soften your skin, lengthen your lashes and moisturize your face and lips. The benefits are unreal. Want a "at home spa" experience that can open your pores and soften your skin? Use a cloth that has been held under warm/hot water, and let that steam your face every night. Your pores will shrink and your products will work ten times better. I suggest reading up on all the amazing techniques and natural products you can use that can completely change your skin and your skin care regime.

What works for me? Listed below are the products I'm currently loving and 99% of the ingredients in all of them are organic! LOVE!! I hope this post inspired you all to take  a close look at your skin and take care of the beautiful face (and body) you possess!



  1. Aloe Vera Toner - I purchased this in Hawaii but you can find this in any organic supermarket near you. Works wonders on blemishes and naturally soothes acne while moisturizing. Never doe this toner leave your skin feeling tight.
  2. Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask - This is one of my favourite masks to suck out any blemishes and always seems to clear up any oily patches.
  3. Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser - I purchased this cleanser because of the ever inspiring blogger Annie Jeffrey, and I am already sold. It is completely organic based, makes my skin tingle when I use it, but in a good way. I have noticed already my blemishes disappearing each time I've used it. And it smells fantastic.
  4. Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant - I could do an entire blog post on the Eminence brand. It has completely changed my skin, cleared up eczema patches, acne, and more that even my Doctor could not resolve for me. Not only does this brand work, it 98% organic. Need I say more? When your looking for an exfoliator please put it in a bit more money to purchase an excellent exfoliator. One with small particles is the best way to exfoliate, please steer clear from anything with large and jagged particles. This can increase the chance of it irritating your skin. Be careful!
  5. Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 50 - Girls please purchase a moisturizer with SPF. Do your future self a favour. You can always use a gradual tanning lotion if you need colour on your skin in the summer, but please protect your skin from the suns rays when your young. And if you haven't been using a moisturizer with SPF yet and your a tad older, start immediately. This moisturizer is dermatologist recommended, sinks into the skin quickly, and leaves a soft and supple feel perfect for sensitive skin.
  6. Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre - I also purchased this recently inspired by Annie Jeffrey, and I already love it. Its more of a luxury brand as I had to order it from Paris, but it is highly recommended by makeup artist sand dermatologists worldwide. It smoothes on like a dream and smells beautiful.
  7. Peter Thomas Roth Therapeutic Sulfur Mask - Oh. My. Word. If your going through your teenage years and suffering from hormonal acne, or if your in your twenties still dealing with the occasional blemish, you MUST purchase this immediately. It is unreal. Clears up everything, evens your skin tone, smells like minty goodness, and I swear it is clearing up my hormonal acne instantly. Purchase this!!
  8. Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask - Infused with argan oil, as all of Josie Maran's products are, this is such a beautiful, luxurious mask. Feels like a comforting, moisturizing cream that becomes a mask slowly. The first time I used it, my skin felt like a literal baby's bum bum. Even my husband noticed how soft it was and kept touching my face. Slightly annoying but if a man notices it, it must work! I used it a few days in a row, and my skin tone was visibly more even, and I felt extremely moisturized. Highly recommend this beautiful product.



It's Spring Baby.


It's Spring Baby.

Each new season brings new beginnings, new adventures, new goals, or in my case, new makeup. Whoever tells you that you don't need new makeup for a new season is not to be trusted. I am here to remind you, plead with you, beg with you, and convince you that yes darling, you do need new makeup. Maybe this is why my friends say I'm dangerous to shop with. My convincing abilities are legendary :)

Coming out of winter we may have been wearing heavier moisturizer, heavier foundation or coverup, dark moody lipsticks, or darker eye looks. But with spring apparently here (not so much in Calgary yet, we rely on faith here) it's time to change things up, lighten up some of your everyday makeup, and introduce some glowy, colourful spring makeup.  With hundreds of new makeup launches that have come, and more to come I'm sure, you may be weary of introducing any of it into your collection because many brands bring out rainbow colours and intense pigmented lipsticks, highlights, etc. But coming from a more "less is more", and "natural" kinda lady, I love to find the more subdued or "realistic" new products I'll actually wear. I'm so excited to share the new products I've purchased and cannot wait to wear everyday this spring...if it arrives.

  1. GALIFORNIA blush by Benefit   - I cannot contain my excitement now that I have this beautifullllll blush in my possession. First of all, Benefit's packaging is incredible. They are on a league of their own. And when I laid eyes on this new blush I died. It is this beautiful bohemian psychedelic girl with massive round glasses, totally resembling the icon Janis Joplin. When you open this little box, you smell summer. Its this indescribable smell of warm, California, beach, sun, and all that goodness. The colour is the perfect blend of pink and peach, that somehow gives off this subtle glow. You need this if you love a fresh, glowy blush that would take you from fresh face natural during the day, to sexy glowy at night.
  2. HOOLA bronzer by Benefit - This is a classic for a reason. It's not orange, it's not brown, it's just the exact bronzer you need that gives you that perfect bronzed look, or can also be used for a contoured look when you use it with a contoured brush. I love it. 
  3. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Nude - I had always read about this moisturizer, and always wanted to try it but for some reason never got around to purchasing it. But now that I'm trying to let my skin breath and not wear foundation, I decided to purchase this and I'm so glad I did. It's a beautiful creamy product, that feels super moisturizing but it's too heavy that leaves you oily. You can definitley layer this and build up the coverage, but it does give just a subtle amount of coverage perfect for spring and summer.
  4. Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector - I thought this product was just gimmicky at first, but I purchased it reading that it was perfect for bridal makeup, and since I am always working on brides I wanted to try this. I couldn't believe the beautiful and flawless effect it was doing to all of my brides. It gives this gorgeous brightening effect that also provides coverage, and when you top it with a concealer of your choice it's unreal. So now I've been using it on myself, at times I'll wear concealer on top, but most times I just dab this under my eye and I love it. This concealer is so moisturizing, perfect if you find most under eye concealers tend to look "cakey" on you, this DOES NOT do that. I will be using this daily for Spring and Summer for sure.
  5. Clarins Joli Rouge in 22 "Coral Dahlia" - I am absolutely IN LOVE with this lipstick. It is the PERFECT Spring/Summer lipstick. I don't even want to call it a "lipstick" because it is this perfect blend of pigmented and sheer creamy lip colour and this colour is dreamy. If your looking for a statement lip minus the drying effect of some lipsticks this is the lipstick for you. I found this randomly at a Winners, which F.Y.I. Winners carries amazing makeup for cheap, and couldn't believe this gorgeous lipstick. Love it sooooo much. 
  6. KISS Professional Luxe Creamy Lip Gloss in "Cappuccino"and "Sorbet Pink" - I came across this brand recently at London Drugs and wasn't sure what to expect since it was only $7 each, but to my surprise these are beautiful. Creamy, pigmented, beautifully layered with lipstick or lipliner or just on their own, their gorgeous colours. I'm a lover of all nude lipsticks and lip glosses, and even though Spring and Summer is all about bright colours, I love a classic look all year round, and "Cappuccino" gives me that perfect beige gloss look, while "Sorbet Pink" is a light pink nude gloss amazing when layered with my favourite lipsticks/lip liners. And, "Sorbet Pink"  is the perfect dupe to my favourite lipgloss from NARS "Turkish Delight" which I use on 99% of all brides. I highly recommend taking a trip to your local London Drugs and purchasing a few for Spring. Perfect way to incorporate a new summery colour into your routine, or just beautiful nude glosses for everyday looks.
  7. Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lip in "Papaya" - I love myself each and every Bobbi Brown product, and this new product release delivers yet again. It's labelled as a liquid lipstick, which at first scared me since most liquid lipsticks make my lips look like crocodile cracked, horrific looking lips. BUT this lipstick does not do that. And I love the application of it, it's a perfectly slanted tube which makes it effortless to apply, and the colour is PERFECT. "Papaya" is a beautiful coral pink colour I cannot wait to pair with barely there makeup during the day and a heavy winged eyeliner look for night time. There's so many shades to choose from, definitely go check this out at your local Sephora.
  8. MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil in "Ruby" - This is another new product I picked up recently, and love so much. This product is like a mix of a creamy chapstick feel with a pigment you'd expect from a lipstick. Which is my favourite sort of blend. This colour is a true "ruby" colour and I love it. It makes my teeth look whiter, it lasts so long, and makes my skin just look so happy and bright. They have so many different shades, from nude to orange, so you can definitely find a colour you will love!
  9. Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in "Copper" - This is such a gorgeous copper gold colour that works beautifully for hours and hours on my eyelids. I was looking for a true copper colour because it gives such a sexy, but effortless look, and copper is stunning on hazel or green eyes, which I own :) If you just do a sheer wash, or mild it up for a heavier pigment copper look, and if you top it with some liner, it is ah-mazing. I will be grabbing more colours for sure, they are just that stunning.Perfect for travel, perfect for on the go beauty, and perfect for any other girl like me who wants to look gorgeous without spending hours of blending and effort.
  10. NYX Colored Felt Tip Liner in Chocolate Brown - I watch YouTube. Lots of it. And I came across my new favourite YouTuber named Gemary, who is just stunning and she mentioned how this was one of her favourite liners, so naturally I went out and purchased it. And she was right. The applicator is just a skinny tip that gives you that exact wing look I crave, and I find it so easy to elongate my wing liner now with this pen. I love that it's chocolate brown, because unlike black which is stunning of course, but can be a bit bold for Spring/Summer and for daytime glow, brown gives a beautiful definition to your eyes without the "in-your-face-black-liner" look. I'll be wearing this all the time, especially for daytime. And the price is unbeatable.
  11. Clarins Waterproof Eye Pencil in 05 "Aquatic Green" - Now this eyeliner is not for the shy. This colour is pure emerald blue, turquoise, peacock colour. But wait, before you scroll to the next product, listen: Though I won't be wearing this eyeliner all the time, this will be STUNNING as a liner with bold mascara, OR smudged at the bottom of your eyes with some mascara just to give you a subtle pop of colour for those spring days. I would definitely recommend if you do choose to wear a bold colour such as this one, or a purple, or green, keep the rest of your face makeup light when wearing it for daytime. At night time, do as you please of course, but for my more shy natural girls out there, pair a bright liner with barely there lips and a soft glow on your cheeks, natural hair and a cute outfit, you'll realize I was right all along ;)
  12. MAC Pigments in "Melon" and "Rose" - Mac pigments are unlike any other pigment I've ever tried. They last forever, the colours are exquisite, and there is so much colour selection you'd be lying to yourself if you couldn't find one you loved. My favourite ones for Spring and Summer will be these two shades. "Melon" has been a favourite amongst beauty bloggers for years, for good reason. Whether your a pale beauty or an olive toned goddess, this is the perfect gold flecked, peachy/copper pigment that looks gorgeous blended really sheer or packed on for extra va-voom. Can even be mixed with body moisturizer, or face moisturizer for a gorgeous highlighted glow. "Rose" is, well, a rose pigment with added gold flecks, that is unlike any other colour I've ever come across. Remember as well ladies, use your MAC Fix + Spray to make these pigments POP on your lids/face.
  13. Loreal Nail Polish in 116 "Cafe De Nuit" - Finally, a somewhat non-makeup recommendation, my current favourite nail polish. I love myself pretty much only nude colours for my nails, I wish I was more experimental with my nails and my goal is to definitely try this season, but for the meantime, or when I crave my classic nude polish look, this will be my "go - to" colour. It's just a beautiful nude with a peachy undertone when layered a few times. I love nude colours for my nails because I feel that whatever I wear on my face or body, it will always pair well and never steal the show. Love the formula, love the colour. 

And that's it my Bella's, I hope you go and incorporate some new products for Spring, and try out a few of my recommendations. Let me know what are your favourite Spring makeup products!!





May is for Mental. Health


May is for Mental. Health

Whether you are currently coping with a mental health disorder, have loved one who are, or just noticed that you need to gain some inner strength and balance, we are all touched by mental health. And this is one of the most beautiful months of the year because it helps all of us to embrace that mental health disorders are not our fault, they are actual disorders, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

This is a very very personal subject to me, for many reasons, and although this may not be my time to share everything quite yet, I do want to share a few of the things that help me regain inner balance and calm. From magazines, to writing, to movement and to breathing, I will share a few of my "must haves" for my mind and soul.

May we all unite, not just this month, but every month, everyday, to help ourselves and to help our loved ones. To accept that illnesses are not just the ones you see, they are the ones you do not see, and that those can be even harder. May we love ourselves enough to fight for our health, love our loved one enough to fight for them, and may we always show love to all because we do not know what battle they may be facing. Here's to May.


1) Journalling- I have been journalling since long before it became "trendy". I began journalling at 9/10 years old, and have continued to do so down to this very day. In my own way that I didn't realize being that young, I was coping with life and all my inner struggles and thoughts by what felt most natural to me. Writing. As an only child, I spent a lot of time alone, whether it was playing alone or just plain, thinking alone. And writing was a way of "speaking" out loud, in the most quiet way. Writing is a way to say every scary, sad, or challenging thing you are going through. It is truly self expression. But journalling can also be a way to help yourself speak positively to yourself, and strengthen yourself through your own words. For myself, as I've grown older, journalling has truly become more of strengthening myself, and encouraging myself, than dwelling in my own tragedy or struggles. I truly find such a release mentally and emotionally when I take the time to journal. I recommend if you are now to journalling, purchase a beautiful journal, one that you'll want to open and write in, and a great pen. When I see a blank page each day, it's as if I have another opportunity to cry, to laugh, to decide, and to sing to myself. If you do nothing else, please, please, try journalling. It can be your own secret strengthening aid that no-one else needs to know.



2) FLOW Magazine - About 6 months ago I stumbled into an Indigo after my therapy session, and came face to face with a magazine called Flow. By the title itself I was intrigued as to what this was about. Right under the title it read "Mindfulness Workbook", and I was sold. 162 pages full of hand drawn pictures, stories of women who found their mental strength, colouring pages, stickers, encouraging poetry, and fill in the blank journalling pages. It is quite literally the magazine I wish was created years and years ago. It is a piece of art in itself, and as I spent time reading article after article, or filling in the blank sections with my own words, I find myself not feeling so alone anymore, and encouraged to know that I too can find strength and my own kind of mindfulness. This magazine can also be purchased in London Drugs (if you live in Canada), and ordered online. It is truly beautiful, and a gift from talented, beautiful and strong women. 


3) Calm App - As someone who struggles with panic and anxiety attacks on the regular, it has truly become a new way of life, but it isn't easy. Not even in the slightest. Though not very much helps, one thing I have found that has been truly a life saver, is the Calm app. You can purchase it on any smart phone from the App store. It has 5 different sound "scenes" from rain, to ocean waves, burning fire, and birds at a lake. When I'm unable to breathe properly or in the middle of an attack, I throw my headphones on, turn on this app and in less than a minute, just by HEARING different calming sounds, I am able to regulate my heart again. If your like me, and can be calmed by sounds, this app is priceless. It also has a "meditate" program with several different topics ranging from "7 Days of Calm", to "7 Days of Happiness", all with a recorded message to help you breathe and focus on what is being said to help you return to a calm state. I would never endorse anything I do not actually benefit from, and this truly is one of the only apps I would never delete.

4) My Own Kind of Balance - At 28 years old, I truly am having to get to know myself all over again. Life, and health truly can change your life as you once knew it. What I once could handle, I no longer can. It has taken me so much effort, and still is, to accept that what I can handle is different from other people, and thats okay. I'm not there yet, but I'm slowly getting there one day at a time. Some people are recharged and energized by others, social engagements and plans reinvigorate them to happiness. For myself it truly is, the complete opposite effect. I physically, and emotionally, cannot handle tons of social interactions. It drains me, leaves me terribly exhausted, and more times than I'd like to admit, leaves me actually sick. What you need may be different from your friends, but that's okay. I am coming to believe that true strength is coming from knowing who you are, what you believe in, and holding strong to that no matter what others think. I need regular silence. I need regular time in nature. I need the outdoors. I do not need to meet new people every weekend. I do not need to party. I need to say No sometimes. I need to tell my husband what I can and cannot handle, and that, is my strength. Balance is truly knowing to stay true to what your beautiful, and imperfect body and mind can handle and LISTENING to it. To be in tune with your body doesn't mean sitting cross legged humming into outer space, it means listening to when you feel your muscles tighten and ache, when you feel like crying for "no reason", or being increasingly tired. Perhaps this is your body's way of telling you to please pause, and to listen to your inner voice. It is still my struggle, I am still on this journey and will continue to be for probably my entire life, but I will promise myself to keep fighting to embrace my own kind of balance. May you too find your own. And own it.