To know me, is to know I am in love with, no, obsessed with, nudes. And no. Not those kind of nudes. I'm talking about nothing else other than Nude Lipsticks. Sure, red lipstick evokes glamour, pink lips scream fun and youthful, orange lips speak confidence, but Nude Lips, well that speaks an entirely other language. Nude Lips are the perfect embrace of naturalness, sexiness, and mystery, all into one. No matter what makeup look you are donning, from barely there lashes and nude lids, to dramatic winged eyeliner, to a full smokey eye, the Nude Lip will always be the perfect compliment. Nude lips is the one makeup look a free flowing bohemian to a glamorous Hollywood actress can own. 

My grandfather always had a love affair with the ever-stunning Italian actress Sophia Loren. Who couldn't? With her heavy winged eyes and Nude Lipstick, she was the epitome of a confident, sensual woman. Maybe that's what started my love affair with Nude Lips. Or maybe it was when I discovered my love for everything bohemian, and nude lipgloss, or lipstick was the easiest thing to wear. There was no thought process to it, but looking back it was the foundation of my now, everyday look. 

But the best thing about Nude Lips is the fact that you can wear it. She can wear it. We ALL can wear it. No matter what colour of the beautiful rainbow of skin colour you may be, you CAN not only wear, but completely fall in love with Nude Lips. Here are a few of my favourites that I've loved for years, or recently fell for. Hopefully I've convinced you to go In.The.Nude.


  1. Gerard Cosmetics in "Nude" -  First of all, if you haven't already you need to try Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks. The formula is absolutely incredible. Their moisturizing, buttery feeling, highly pigmented and long lasting. This nude has more of an orange hint to it, being incredible on more olive complexions. But even when I'm in the middle of a sunless winter, it still looks amazing against my pale-r skin. It's such an incredible colour, even my husband complimented me on it. 
  2. NARS in "Belle De Jour" - This is a true nude. Goes on like a sweet soft dream and looks incredibly sexy when topped with a lipgloss. NARS is one of my favourite brands because it is true luxury. This lipstick looks amazing with or without lipliner, which for a nude lipstick is a hard thing to pull off. It's the kind of nude that doesn't make you look dead, which is a major plus. If your wanting to feel like a sexy seductress or exude natural effortlessness, this is the shade for you.
  3. MAC in "Honey Love" - With pink/brown undertones, a matte finish, this lipstick is pure perfection. MAC is known for their cult products, and this is one of them. This shade is my "go to". When paired with MAC "Stripdown" liner, or topped with NARS "Turkish Delight" lipgloss, this is sexiness in a bullet. I would say more, but I can't. Go out and buy this immediately.
  4. Charlotte Tilbury in "Penelope Pink"- This lipstick shade was created for the every iconic Penelope Cruz. As soon as I saw this actually on hr lips for a movie event, I knew it had to be mine. If it's good enough for Penelope Cruz, it's good enough for me. Makeup Artist Charlotte Tilbury created a range of makeup products that border on almost too good to be true, and this lipstick shade truly is that. With a soft satin finish, it doesn't dry out your lips, but it is pigmented enough to actually notice. With a slight pink undertone it compliments so many skin tones. I can wear this with no makeup, or heavy makeup, and it looks beautiful. 
  5. Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color in "Almost Bare" - This is pure perfection. From my favourite makeup artist in the world, she created a range of lipsticks that are quickly becoming my own secret, not so secret, collection. This shade is as if every perfect nude lipstick you have ever loved, came together, and gave birth to this. When I swiped this gold casing lipstick on, I squealed. If I had to choose one lipstick to wear for the rest of my life it's this one.