Fall has officially arrived here in Calgary. The once green and blossoming trees have now become exquisite shades of mustard, orange and brick red. Fall has to be my favourite season, aside from Summer. Taking walks and seeing all the colours come to life is so inspiring in so many areas. It makes me long for my cozy knit sweaters and hot cups of coffee, journalling by the fireplace with Jack Johnson humming in the back, and painting all day trying to mimic those exact colours I saw on those fallen leaves. 

Fall seems to also inspire the lipsticks I choose to wear. With the Summer season I love wearing bright orange, pink and every shade of lipgloss in between. But with the change of weather, the crisp air and the scarves and knits I'll be running to, I begin to lean to darker, almost "moodier" lip shades. Of course, I will always wear my infamous nude lip, but there's something about a deep burgundy and brown lip that looks amazing this time of year. 

With that said, I've compiled my own shades I cannot wait to swipe on this season. From a richer nude, to a deep brown, there's sure to be a colour you too would love to try this Fall. The wonderful thing is from higher end to drugstore products, nearly every brand will be sure to carry a colour you will love. Take a chance this Fall and try something new like those beautiful trees you see around you. It may surprise you how much you'll love this season of change.

The Shades: 

1) FLOWER Luxury Lip Color in "Berry Bloom"- This beautiful brand is created by the ever beautiful Bohemian queen Drew Barrymore, and it does not disappoint. Not only is the brand called FLOWER, which for myself, was enough to run to try her products, but it is sold in Wal-Mart for those wonderful drugstore prices we love. It makes it so easy to try a new colour we may not be used to. This lipstick glides on like a dream. It is so pigmented but so creamy, it completely excelled my expectations. This is the most beautiful, creamy, and moisturizing drugstore lipstick I've owned. The shade is a deep burgundy wine shade, with amazing pigmentation. It is a stunning satin finish that looks incredible on any skin colour. Please go purchase this shade right now. It will not disappoint!

2) Dolce & Gabbana in "Devil/ 220" - If you are looking for the perfect red lipstick in every sense, this is it. This has been my favourite red lipstick since the moment I bought it three years ago. It instantly makes me feel different. I am taken somewhere else from the moment I open this gold encased lipstick. It is the scent of my great grandmother's lipstick and italian countrysides mixed into one. This shade is pure perfection. An incredible red with a orange undertone, a satin finish and unbelievable pigmentation, it is in my opinion, worth every single dollar. Fall will always be the season for dark colours, but never forget the classic beauty of a red lipstick. Against a cream knit sweater, loose curls, and studded earrings, this lipstick is the perfect companion. Or for a night out on the town in a warm black dress with tights and booties, this lipstick will be the perfect finishing touch. I could write a whole blogpost on this lipstick, that is how much I love this beauty. 

3) MAC Lustre Lipstick in "Midi-Mauve" - I have a confession to make. I love Kim Kardashian's makeup. All. The. Time. I always try to find out what products she uses, because she never seems to look anything less than flawless, face wise. That is how I came across this lipstick. I saw a picture of her last year at NYFW with a tight bun, barely any makeup on except for this beautiful nude/rose lipstick. That shade "Midi-Mauve", by MAC, quickly became a best seller, and just as quickly landed in my lipstick obsessed hands. I've gone through 3 bullets of this exact colour already. It is this beautiful creamy mix of nude and rose into one. It can easily go with any look your after, from heavy eye makeup to no makeup at all. I love it so much, and it will for sure be on my lips this fall. It's simply a no brainer. If it's good enough for Kim Kardashian at NYFW, it's good enough for me. 

4) GERARD COSMETICS in "1995" - This is again, as most of the lipsticks I lean to, a creamy finish, slightly matte but easy to apply and high pigmentation. I don't like dry lips - who does? - and this lipstick does anything but dry out your lips. So creamy, so moisturizing, and so. much. colour. It is this beautiful brick rose, almost with a tint of brown lightly mixed in. It's stunning. I've seen it placed on skin tones from fair to chestnut brown, and it is absolutely beautiful. This is for the woman who doesn't want to wear a red lipstick during the day but loves the look of a deeper lip colour yet still natural. I found it. It's this one. Go get it. Now.       

5) Charlotte Tilbury in "Penelope Pink" - Yes, I know, I mentioned this in my first blog post, but ladies, it's that amazing. I'll be wearing it for Fall. Enough said. Read above. 

6) NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in "Teddy" and NYX Intense butter gloss in "Cinnamon Roll" - I recently purchased these two products and oh my, they are both like liquid butter. These colours are not for the reserved. They are true browns. We're talking 1990's brown lipstick but updated. I have never ever worn such a colour ever before in my life, but when I swiped these on my hands I knew I had to try it. The liquid lipstick is beautiful on it's own, but because I do love a creamier finish, I love to top it with the butter gloss. I think this would pair beautifully with smoked out liner and lashes, or just with mascara and slightly contoured cheeks. This is such a unique colour that would easily transition you from Fall to Winter to give you such a mysterious and classic spin on any outfit.