Makeup is powerful. Not only is it a multi-million business, it has transformed lives. It has given women and men self esteem in whatever form they may use it for. Makeup is simply life changing. But the thing with makeup is that it is temporary. It is a temporary moment of self esteem, it a temporary transformation, a temporary fix. Makeup cannot enhance your heart, your mind or your personality. Makeup may enhance your beauty, but it cannot do a single thing for you soul. I feel like our young girls and grown women are forgetting this. We spend so much time on creating perfection on the outside and not one moment is given to creating our own perfect inside. Is there a beauty product that can fix a bully, or an uncaring heart? Is there a lipstick that can take back condensing remarks and thoughtless words? Is there a mascara wand that can take back hurtful stares? There is not one.

Beauty can be given superficially to any face and body. But true beauty cannot be given. It can only be created. 

It has been nothing short of shocking, each time I compliment a woman on a physical trait she has, does she become completely surprised and baffled. She denies it, puts herself down, or simply cannot even hear it without her eyes becoming large and says "really?" Whenever I tell a teenage girl the beauty she may possess she has never even recognized it. Why? Why is it so hard for us to see the beauty we have on the outside? Because we must not be spending any time at all telling ourself how beautiful we are on the inside. If we took time to recognize and appreciate the amazing qualities we have on the inside, we will never see any kind of beauty radiate on the outside. 

Taking time to take care of ourselves, taking the time to become our best friend, to recognize our strong and beautiful qualities, and working on those that need improvement is the beginning of becoming truly beautiful. Read. Write. Sing. Dance. Learn balance. Keep balanced. Breath. Love others. Focus less on your outside self and more on your soul self. And always be self-less. Instead of taking another trip to Sephora, or watching yet another video or looking at another picture of a fully made up face, why not get to know who you are and what you dream of? Hopefully soon we can care less about how "perfect" we want to look, and care more about the heart we possess and the love we own and share to others.