I have been wanting to write about this topic for so long! It hits, obviously, so close to home and as you can imagine I've got quite a few opinions on it as well as some bad experiences.  Finding a makeup artist, especially for your wedding day is extremely important. Its not just about scrolling through Instagram and finding a so called "makeup artist".  Here's why.                    

Nowadays everyone on social media is a so called "professional" and has "years of experience". There is absolutely no shortage to the amount of accounts on Instagram and Facebook that claim to be hard working, educated and busy makeup artists. Though this may not ENTIRELY be true, there is need for caution.                                                                                                                        

Although there is nothing wrong with being a self taught makeup artist, there can be benefit to finding someone who not only is self taught but also has professional training behind them. Professional training requires understanding of working with several different face shapes, skin tones, ages, and most often, months of hands on practice in class. All of this beneficial when working with hundreds of distinct and unique brides.                                                                          

If you are looking for a makeup artist on social media, here are a few things to look our for and keep in mind:

  1. If the account is full of "follow me, I'll follow back" type of posts STAY AWAY. True artists are not going to waste their time begging for followers or following other accounts with those kind of post
  2. If they are posting pictures that are heavily filtered. There is no point in booking an artist who is filtering their work to the point where whatever they MIGHT have done makeup wise, has been altered with photoshop and filters. 
  3. Much like myself who not only owns their own business but also works for another company as a makeup artist, pay attention to what pictures they post and how they are featuring their own work. At times, they may choose to post a picture making it seem that they did the makeup on the bride/bridesmaid, etc. when in fact they did not. To make sure if their post is correct there is nothing holding you back from seeing their portfolio on the company's website. Though this may seem like an extra step, this could be the decision that could land you either a terrible or amazing makeup artist.
  4. Make sure their Instagram/Facebook account is filled with tons of pictures of clients they've worked on that way you can see their talent in action. Every artist has their own style or flare, through their pictures you can see if their style works for the look you want.
  5. I cannot recommend enough how important a makeup trial is before your wedding day. That trial allows you not only to see if you like the work they do, but also to see if your personalities work well together and if you enjoy their "vibe", or "aura". Make sure the makeup artist listens to what you say, and listens to the changes you request. A true makeup artist will take note of the exact products they used for your trial, when you see that you can trust they will not rely on their memory for your wedding day.
  6. A written contract is non questionable when booking an artist. No contract ,no guarantee they will even show up on your wedding day. 

For my wedding day I chose a makeup artist who was self taught, had no contract to sign, and ended up arriving over an hour and a half late on my actual wedding day with absolutely no apologies or reason for doing so. Her social media page was followed by thousands, was full of beautiful selfies and a some client pictures, and had pictures posted of all these PR packages from major makeup brands. I had thought that was enough. But it clearly wasn't. And because there was no contract, I couldn't say anything about her arriving an hour and a half late. I do not want ANY bride out there to experience this.

I hope these few suggestions and my own experience can help you to choose the best makeup artist for you! Feel free to send me any questions on anything else to look out for or any advice on finding the best makeup artist, hairstylist and more for your wedding day.




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