Each new season brings new beginnings, new adventures, new goals, or in my case, new makeup. Whoever tells you that you don't need new makeup for a new season is not to be trusted. I am here to remind you, plead with you, beg with you, and convince you that yes darling, you do need new makeup. Maybe this is why my friends say I'm dangerous to shop with. My convincing abilities are legendary :)

Coming out of winter we may have been wearing heavier moisturizer, heavier foundation or coverup, dark moody lipsticks, or darker eye looks. But with spring apparently here (not so much in Calgary yet, we rely on faith here) it's time to change things up, lighten up some of your everyday makeup, and introduce some glowy, colourful spring makeup.  With hundreds of new makeup launches that have come, and more to come I'm sure, you may be weary of introducing any of it into your collection because many brands bring out rainbow colours and intense pigmented lipsticks, highlights, etc. But coming from a more "less is more", and "natural" kinda lady, I love to find the more subdued or "realistic" new products I'll actually wear. I'm so excited to share the new products I've purchased and cannot wait to wear everyday this spring...if it arrives.

  1. GALIFORNIA blush by Benefit   - I cannot contain my excitement now that I have this beautifullllll blush in my possession. First of all, Benefit's packaging is incredible. They are on a league of their own. And when I laid eyes on this new blush I died. It is this beautiful bohemian psychedelic girl with massive round glasses, totally resembling the icon Janis Joplin. When you open this little box, you smell summer. Its this indescribable smell of warm, California, beach, sun, and all that goodness. The colour is the perfect blend of pink and peach, that somehow gives off this subtle glow. You need this if you love a fresh, glowy blush that would take you from fresh face natural during the day, to sexy glowy at night.
  2. HOOLA bronzer by Benefit - This is a classic for a reason. It's not orange, it's not brown, it's just the exact bronzer you need that gives you that perfect bronzed look, or can also be used for a contoured look when you use it with a contoured brush. I love it. 
  3. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Nude - I had always read about this moisturizer, and always wanted to try it but for some reason never got around to purchasing it. But now that I'm trying to let my skin breath and not wear foundation, I decided to purchase this and I'm so glad I did. It's a beautiful creamy product, that feels super moisturizing but it's too heavy that leaves you oily. You can definitley layer this and build up the coverage, but it does give just a subtle amount of coverage perfect for spring and summer.
  4. Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector - I thought this product was just gimmicky at first, but I purchased it reading that it was perfect for bridal makeup, and since I am always working on brides I wanted to try this. I couldn't believe the beautiful and flawless effect it was doing to all of my brides. It gives this gorgeous brightening effect that also provides coverage, and when you top it with a concealer of your choice it's unreal. So now I've been using it on myself, at times I'll wear concealer on top, but most times I just dab this under my eye and I love it. This concealer is so moisturizing, perfect if you find most under eye concealers tend to look "cakey" on you, this DOES NOT do that. I will be using this daily for Spring and Summer for sure.
  5. Clarins Joli Rouge in 22 "Coral Dahlia" - I am absolutely IN LOVE with this lipstick. It is the PERFECT Spring/Summer lipstick. I don't even want to call it a "lipstick" because it is this perfect blend of pigmented and sheer creamy lip colour and this colour is dreamy. If your looking for a statement lip minus the drying effect of some lipsticks this is the lipstick for you. I found this randomly at a Winners, which F.Y.I. Winners carries amazing makeup for cheap, and couldn't believe this gorgeous lipstick. Love it sooooo much. 
  6. KISS Professional Luxe Creamy Lip Gloss in "Cappuccino"and "Sorbet Pink" - I came across this brand recently at London Drugs and wasn't sure what to expect since it was only $7 each, but to my surprise these are beautiful. Creamy, pigmented, beautifully layered with lipstick or lipliner or just on their own, their gorgeous colours. I'm a lover of all nude lipsticks and lip glosses, and even though Spring and Summer is all about bright colours, I love a classic look all year round, and "Cappuccino" gives me that perfect beige gloss look, while "Sorbet Pink" is a light pink nude gloss amazing when layered with my favourite lipsticks/lip liners. And, "Sorbet Pink"  is the perfect dupe to my favourite lipgloss from NARS "Turkish Delight" which I use on 99% of all brides. I highly recommend taking a trip to your local London Drugs and purchasing a few for Spring. Perfect way to incorporate a new summery colour into your routine, or just beautiful nude glosses for everyday looks.
  7. Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lip in "Papaya" - I love myself each and every Bobbi Brown product, and this new product release delivers yet again. It's labelled as a liquid lipstick, which at first scared me since most liquid lipsticks make my lips look like crocodile cracked, horrific looking lips. BUT this lipstick does not do that. And I love the application of it, it's a perfectly slanted tube which makes it effortless to apply, and the colour is PERFECT. "Papaya" is a beautiful coral pink colour I cannot wait to pair with barely there makeup during the day and a heavy winged eyeliner look for night time. There's so many shades to choose from, definitely go check this out at your local Sephora.
  8. MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil in "Ruby" - This is another new product I picked up recently, and love so much. This product is like a mix of a creamy chapstick feel with a pigment you'd expect from a lipstick. Which is my favourite sort of blend. This colour is a true "ruby" colour and I love it. It makes my teeth look whiter, it lasts so long, and makes my skin just look so happy and bright. They have so many different shades, from nude to orange, so you can definitely find a colour you will love!
  9. Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in "Copper" - This is such a gorgeous copper gold colour that works beautifully for hours and hours on my eyelids. I was looking for a true copper colour because it gives such a sexy, but effortless look, and copper is stunning on hazel or green eyes, which I own :) If you just do a sheer wash, or mild it up for a heavier pigment copper look, and if you top it with some liner, it is ah-mazing. I will be grabbing more colours for sure, they are just that stunning.Perfect for travel, perfect for on the go beauty, and perfect for any other girl like me who wants to look gorgeous without spending hours of blending and effort.
  10. NYX Colored Felt Tip Liner in Chocolate Brown - I watch YouTube. Lots of it. And I came across my new favourite YouTuber named Gemary, who is just stunning and she mentioned how this was one of her favourite liners, so naturally I went out and purchased it. And she was right. The applicator is just a skinny tip that gives you that exact wing look I crave, and I find it so easy to elongate my wing liner now with this pen. I love that it's chocolate brown, because unlike black which is stunning of course, but can be a bit bold for Spring/Summer and for daytime glow, brown gives a beautiful definition to your eyes without the "in-your-face-black-liner" look. I'll be wearing this all the time, especially for daytime. And the price is unbeatable.
  11. Clarins Waterproof Eye Pencil in 05 "Aquatic Green" - Now this eyeliner is not for the shy. This colour is pure emerald blue, turquoise, peacock colour. But wait, before you scroll to the next product, listen: Though I won't be wearing this eyeliner all the time, this will be STUNNING as a liner with bold mascara, OR smudged at the bottom of your eyes with some mascara just to give you a subtle pop of colour for those spring days. I would definitely recommend if you do choose to wear a bold colour such as this one, or a purple, or green, keep the rest of your face makeup light when wearing it for daytime. At night time, do as you please of course, but for my more shy natural girls out there, pair a bright liner with barely there lips and a soft glow on your cheeks, natural hair and a cute outfit, you'll realize I was right all along ;)
  12. MAC Pigments in "Melon" and "Rose" - Mac pigments are unlike any other pigment I've ever tried. They last forever, the colours are exquisite, and there is so much colour selection you'd be lying to yourself if you couldn't find one you loved. My favourite ones for Spring and Summer will be these two shades. "Melon" has been a favourite amongst beauty bloggers for years, for good reason. Whether your a pale beauty or an olive toned goddess, this is the perfect gold flecked, peachy/copper pigment that looks gorgeous blended really sheer or packed on for extra va-voom. Can even be mixed with body moisturizer, or face moisturizer for a gorgeous highlighted glow. "Rose" is, well, a rose pigment with added gold flecks, that is unlike any other colour I've ever come across. Remember as well ladies, use your MAC Fix + Spray to make these pigments POP on your lids/face.
  13. Loreal Nail Polish in 116 "Cafe De Nuit" - Finally, a somewhat non-makeup recommendation, my current favourite nail polish. I love myself pretty much only nude colours for my nails, I wish I was more experimental with my nails and my goal is to definitely try this season, but for the meantime, or when I crave my classic nude polish look, this will be my "go - to" colour. It's just a beautiful nude with a peachy undertone when layered a few times. I love nude colours for my nails because I feel that whatever I wear on my face or body, it will always pair well and never steal the show. Love the formula, love the colour. 

And that's it my Bella's, I hope you go and incorporate some new products for Spring, and try out a few of my recommendations. Let me know what are your favourite Spring makeup products!!